Groundwork RVA's youth and workforce programs evolved from an effort to engage Richmond's youth in green infrastructure development.



Green Team

The Green Team is a citywide program that partners with Richmond Public Schools and the James River Park System and other local organizations. Green Team members plan and implement revitalization projects that have an impact at a neighborhood level, and expanding access to Richmond's natural and cultural resources.

During school year 2017-18, Green Team will focus on:

Fall (Sept 25th-Nov 3rd) Greenhouse Design & Construction
Winter (Feb 5th-Mar 16th) Urban Heat Island & Mitigation and Transit Academy
Spring (Apr 12th-May 18th) Trail Building 101

Spring Break (Apr 2nd-Apr 7th) Partnering with James River Park System Outdoor Education for a week of service & recreation! Application    /   Solicitud en español


Green workforce

The Green Workforce program builds recent high school graduates capacity and develops work experience for Richmond’s at-risk recent graduates, while revitalizing green spaces in neighborhoods. Young adults work as seasonal employees with Groundwork RVA through community greening and landscape improvement.


urban ARCHEOLOGY corps

The Urban Archeology Corps is a collaboration with the National Park Service. Students research and interpret historic artifacts and information of important sites that contain new meanings to Richmond history.

Current and Past Locations:

2017 - Jackson Ward
2016 - Chimborazo Park
2015 - Gravel Hill